Action Work  Our proprietary "Old School Action Job"  ($75.00) Our experienced technicians will perform a complete function check of your Remington model 870 before a complete disassembly of the the action.   All working surfaces are de-burred, polished and hand fitted for the smoothest, fastest action possible.  We will also clean and polish the inside of the magazine tube and the follower for improved feeding performance and reliability.  The entire action is then treated with a heat applied metal conditioner and lubricant.  The gun is reassembled, function checked again, headspace checked and fired for function.  The completed action will be smooth and reliable for years to come.  In fact, we warranty our action work and any replacement parts for 10 years. *(any required replacement parts are at parts cost only, no additional labor charge with action work)         Forcing Cone Lengthening and Barrel Honing & Polishing  ($70.00) Our Signature Internal Barrel Treatment We modify the forcing cone using our proprietary profile, then hone and polish the chamber for improved extraction, and hone and polish the forcing cone and bore all the way to the muzzle to remove tight spots and manufacturing marks.  The result is approximately 30% reduction in felt recoil and an improvement in the tightness and evenness of the shot pattern that has to be seen to be believed.  This is where the greatest gains in barrel performance occur and our barrel performance equals or exceeds anything out there.    Mag-Na-Porting  ($95.00) The best EDM Barrel Porting System in the industry.  Elliptical metering ports electronically cut, not drilled, resulting in reduced felt recoil, reduced muzzle jump and faster follow up shots.  No damage to finishes, no bulges or burrs and a diffused muzzle flash/signature in low light.  The ultimate Porting System.    Thread your Barrel for Screw-in Choke Tubes  ($70.00) Custom thread your Remington Shotgun Barrel for screw-in choke tubes  We will modify your barrel to accept  “RemChoke” screw-in choke tubes, available in Modified, Improved Cylinder, Full, Xtra Full and Super Turkey Chokes, to improve your pattern and increase the flexibility of your Shotgun.  (Choke tubes extra) Shorten your Barrel  ($40.00) Cut and re-crown your barrel.  Vent rib barrels taken to the closest rib stand-off.  Minimum length 18”.  When done in conjunction with threading; only $20 Drill and Tap Your Receiver ($50) Drill and Tap your Remington 870 to accept picatinny rail / scope mount / Ghost Ring Rail (Remington Pattern spacing and threads)
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