AIMPRO Tactical Shotguns
After years of Law Enforcement input from SWAT and SRT team members and thousands of hours of tactical and competition shooting, AIMPRO Tactical introduced the finest tactical shotgun available on the market.  Based on the mil-spec Mossberg® M590A1 platform, the AIMPROtactical M590A1 is the smoothest, most reliable and most accurate pump action tactical shotgun available.  The actions on these hand tuned combat shotguns are  individually de-burred, lapped, polished and fitted.  The 18.5" or 20" barrels, (6 or 9 round capacity), are tuned using a proprietary internal profile, honed and polished to remove tight spots that affect pattern, then ported.  The result is a fast, smooth, reliable tactical shotgun with up to 30% reduction in felt recoil and a tight, even pattern. Every AIMPROtactical M590A1 is function checked for feeding, chambering, extraction and ejection and test fired for pattern before leaving our shop. These guns will truly MAKE EVERY SHOT COUNT      If your life depends on a shotgun, this is the one to carry. 
AIM PRO Tactical Shotguns AIMPRO Tactical M590A 185 AIMPRO Tactical M590A 20"
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