Please scroll down to browse through our F.A.Q.'s for more details about our services. If you need more information please Email us with your question. What is the difference between an "M590A1" and the standard 500/590 "Special Purpose" shotguns? The “A1” versions of the Mossberg® 590 have upgraded features designed to meet the Military specifications (Mil-Spec) for a combat shotgun. These upgrades include a heavy walled barrel, an alloy trigger housing and an alloy safety button. The “Mil-Spec” receivers are marked“M590A1” on the left side of the receiver. The Mil-Spec 590A1 is the most durable and reliable Mossberg® shotgun available. What are the magazine capacity differences between the 18.5" and the 20" shotguns? The 18.5” magazine capacity is 5 rounds, (plus one in the chamber = 6). The 20” magazine capacity is 8 rounds, (plus one in the chamber = 9). What are the differences between the Mossberg® M590A1 and other brands of shotguns? There are many differences between Mossberg® pump action shotguns and other brands, some of the most notable are: Mossberg® receivers are aluminum alloy, other brands are usually steel. This makes the Mossberg lighter and easier to work on. (more on that later) Mossberg® 500/590 series shotguns have dual extractors, the competitors only have one. Twice the extraction power,means more reliable extraction. Mossberg® 500/590 series shotguns have an ambidextrous safety located on the top rear of the receiver. Right or left handed, strong or weak handed, the safety is always operated the same way. Other shotguns have cross- bolt safeties, OK for a right handed shooter pushing the safety off, but after that it means leaving the shooting grip every time you need to manipulate the cross-bolt safety. Not so with the Mossberg® ambidextrous safety, just grip the shotgun and you’re good to go, without ever changing your grip. Mossberg® 500/590 series shotguns have the Action Lock Lever, (other brands call it a “slide release”) at the rear of the trigger guard.  This makes it ambidextrous also. The other guys’ “slide release” is at the front of the trigger guard, which means with theirs, you have to leave your shooting grip to get to it. Why is the Mossberg® receiver made of alloy instead of steel? The Mossberg® aluminum alloy receiver is easier and less expensive to make, lighter and easier to work on. For example, the Mossberg®magazine tube and ejector can be removed and replaced quickly with simple tools, unlike other shotguns, which are difficult to remove and require special tools. Is it true that the Mossberg®M590A1 is the US Military Shotgun? Yes, since 1986, the Mossberg 590A1 has been the Joint Services Combat Shotgun. The Mossberg® Factory in Texas has been filling orders from all branches of the military since then and continues to fill them to this day. Right now, United States military personnel all over the world are carrying and using Mossberg® shotguns in their theaters of operation and military security forces here at home are protecting our bases with the Mossberg 500/590 system. How did it pass the Military testing if its' receiver is alloy? The secret to passing the 3000 rounds of high base buck shot reliability test is in the steel-on-steel lock-up of the full square cut Mossberg® bolt lock. Unlike other shotguns, which use an angled shoulder type bolt lock, the Mossberg® bolt lock is a completely through the barrel bolt locking system. The square cut bolt lock is captured in a square cut-out in the barrel, so at the time of firing, the strength of the steel-on steel lock-up is unsurpassed. Add the exclusive dual extractors for positive extraction and you have the answer to who makes the most durable and reliable fighting shotgun. Is the M590A1 a good Law Enforcement shotgun? More and more law enforcement agencies are changing over to the Mossberg® 590A1 shotgun.  Reliability, durability, factory Ghost Ring sights, (Mossberg® patented the original “Ghost Ring” sight), and the ambidextrous design of the user controls, are only a few of the reasons that we are seeing many more Mossberg® shotguns in the hands of our law enforcement personnel at the municipal, county, state and federal levels. What do you do to make the Mossberg® M590A1 to make it better than other "tactical" shotguns? Well, we have a little bit of an advantage with the design of the Mossberg® Mil-Spec M590A1 but then we take it to the next level by enhancing every aspect of the system. We listened to our law enforcement and military clients and blended our years of tactical training, competition and sport shooting experience to develop the ultimate pump shotgun. We enhance the barrel to provide the best pattern with the least felt recoil. We tune and polish the action to improve feel and ease of use and increase reliability. We polish the magazine tube and follower, function check and head space each gun to insure that it will feed, chamber, fire,extract and eject every time, because somebody’s life may depend on it. What is a "tactical" shotgun? The concept of a “tactical shotgun” is based on the needs of law enforcement and military operators to have a system tailored to their specific fighting requirements. That simply means a shotgun that is set up for certain applications, such as anti-personnel, ballistic breaching, less lethal. A tactical shotgun system can also be equipped with application specific tools, like white lights, optical sights, 3point or single point slings, ammo carriers, and other accessories. What is the best ammunition to shoot in the AIMPROtactical M590A1? We test our shotguns and barrels with all the major manufacturers’ ammunition. We have found that Federal “Flight Control” 8 and 9 pellet OO Buck patterns best. We routinely get 4-7” patterns at 20 yards. Can I shoot slugs out of the AIMPROtactical M590A1? Absolutely! Unlike over-bored or back-bored barrels that can allow the slug to “float” and “Tip” through the barrel and decrease accuracy, our barrels are Cylinder Bore (.730”) from the forcing cone to the muzzle,resulting in excellent slug performance. How did you get started working with Mossberg® and how long have you been making "enhanced tactical" Mossberg® shotguns? AIMPRO began teaching the Mossberg Certified Law Enforcement Armorer course in late 2003. We have been working with the Mossberg factory and on Mossberg guns ever since. Why did you choose "Mag-Na-Porting" over standard bench porting? Great question! We originally used a bench porting (drilling) process when we were developing the AIMPROtactical M590A1. We had seen Mag-na-port’s work over the years and decided to try it on our shotguns. The results were fantastic. The EDM process that Mag-Na-Port uses produces the cleanest porting in all finishes that we have ever seen. Plus, the angled and elliptical shape of the individual ports direct the gases up and back,reducing muzzle flip and felt recoil better than traditional “drilling”. No matter what the pattern or size of drilled holes, they will always cause bulging and burrs and Mag-Na-Porting won't. No matter how you do it, bench porting just can’t match the appearance or results of Mag-Na-Porting and we wanted the best. Why do you re-cut the forcing cone and how much do you cut it? The forcing cone is the “gateway between the chamber and the bore portion of the barrel. It is a “funnel”, if you will, where the shot transitions from the chamber dimensions to the bore dimensions. The SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute) standard spec is 5 degrees or about ¾”. This forces the shot to transition abruptly, causing the shot to deform, which results in poor patterns.(You may have seen patterns with odd, uneven shapes and/or holes in the pattern.) We lengthen the forcing cone to less than 1 degree, (the exact angle is proprietary), which makes it approximately 2” long. This longer, gentler transition dramatically improves the shot pattern, both in tightness and evenness and has the added effect of reducing felt recoil. Do you do all the work in your own shop? With the exception of the Mag-na-porting, we do all the action and barrel work in our own shop. Where are you located? Our shop is located in Conifer Colorado.  (We are not accepting walk-in customers at this time) How long does it take once I order my shotgun? That depends on the model and accessories that you order. We try and keep 18.5” and 20” guns and ported barrels in stock, but we do find ourselves back ordered from time to time. If your gun and barrel is in stock, we can usually ship within one week, sometimes faster. Can I send you my shotgun for work? You bet! That’s what we do. Call us first to get some prices and options and then ship your UNLOADED shotgun to us via FedEx ground, UPS Ground or even U.S. Postal Priority Mail. Our Shipping address is:AIMPRO Tactical 13318 Elsie Road,  Conifer, CO 80433 Do you convert old 500/590's to AIMPROtactical M590A1's? That’s one of our specialities. We will take your shotgun and completely re-work it with new parts and components. We can do a little or the whole make-over. How do I ship my shotgun to you? Ship your UNLOADED shotgun to us via FedEx Ground, UPS Ground or even U.S. Postal Priority Mail. Our Shipping address is: AIMPRO Tactical 13318 Elsie Road, Conifer, CO 80433 Call us if you have any questions about shipping. Please include your contact information and a note about what you would like us to do. Do I need to insure my shotgun and get a tracking number when I ship it to you for work? Yes, you should always insure it and get a tracking number when shipping. We do when we ship it back to you. Do I need a local Gun dealer/FFL to receive my NEW shotgun? Yes you do, unless you are an FFL holder or the gun is “Law Enforcement Duty Use” in which case we will need a letter from your agency. We ship to FFL Dealers all the time. Do you have special deals for Law Enforcement Officers and Active Duty Military Personnel? We do. We’ll need some Agency or Military ID, but we do everything we can for LE and Military personnel. Call or Email us and we'll work out the best discount we can. Can I order accessories that I don't see on your web site? We can order just about everything, or you can send to us with your gun and we’ll install it. What kind of payment do you accept? We accept Visa, MasterCard and U.S. Postal Money Orders. What about lights and lasers on AIMPROtactical M590A1 shotguns? We do lights all the time. We stock the TacStar Weaponlight System 2000. It will fit into a TacStar side saddle. We also stock the Falcon Industries Tri-Rail Picatinny Forend, which will accept any picatinny mount light or accessory, including lasers. It is all alloy, hard coat anodized and also available in our XCOAT finishes. We can also install a Surefire forend with integral light. What Kind of warranty do you offer? We warranty all our work for LIFE, no questions asked, (Excepting abuse or misuse).
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